Campaign 2007/08

The PFAW Voters Alliance is dedicated to making the difference in key 2007 and 2008 races across the country by helping progressive candidates go to Congress and changing the direction of the nation.

Financial Support
The Voters Alliance assists candidates financially in two important ways. First, we donate to the campaigns of selected candidates who meet our criteria. Second, we solicit donations from individual donors on behalf of our selected candidates. By donating together, we can accomplish more than we ever could by donating alone.

The Voters Alliance helps to train volunteers across the country to assist with key races. Citizen participation in the democratic process is the most important element in any electoral victory.

The Voters Alliance will evaluate and endorse dozens of candidates we believe will bring progressive leadership to the House and Senate.

Professional Staff
The Voters Alliance puts professional staff on the ground in vital districts. Working with our volunteers, professional staff makes sure that our members’ efforts have maximum impact.

About Us

The PFAW Voters Alliance is dedicated to electing progressive leaders to Congress and defeating elected officials who have aligned themselves with radical-right wing issues. By changing the makeup of Congress, the Voters Alliance will help work towards its fundamental issue goals: